Tu Bold Mee Cold (2016) Marathi Movie Watch Online Dvdrip

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Storyline: TU BOLD MEE COLD is a multi-layered romantic extravaganza with a difference! Love depends on response is what the film is all about and even in reality, we would all identify with and associate ourselves with this particular statement, at some level or the other. One might fall in love but then, if it is not reciprocated, then what would you do? The five major characters in the film comprising Ravi (played by newfind Anup Belwalkar), Tina (played by Seva More), Manoj (played by Siddharth Shah), Bhawna (played by new find Shilpa Pathak) and Manisha (played by new find Pooja Bhatjire) are all modern characters in a completely modern film but completely different from each other. Some of them prefer to retain their innocence while some are governed by practicality.The manner in which these characters interact with each other in the film, is something completely refreshing to watch!

Cast:Anup Belwalker,Seva More,Siddharta Shah,Shilpa Pathak
Director:Rahul Pathak

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