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Genre: Drama
Release: 18 September 2015
Directors: Jingwu Ning
Stars: Ray Chang, Jeana Ho, Sarah Yan Li

This story happens during this skilled changes of 13 ancient capital of Xi’an, wherever connoisseurs place has been known as “the place of all”.Gu Ye was born during a family of intellectuals, from tiny to get a powerful interest in history, particularly throughout the Tang dynasty blue blood United States Government Accounting Office principle is especially passionate about the legend. thanks to his father’s psychosis, he has entered the University of Gu Ye are unable to enter their favorite historical anthropology. By chance, Gu Ye Xie Chunan and friend for several years crystal rectifier the expedition club conjointly sponsors mysterious boss Qiu went into a deserted place of the Tang dynasty, a vajra, a chunk of jade Jue, a couple of broken incomplete place diary, really opened a amount of thousands of years of affection and emotion disputes, it’ll even be the place of a pedestrian into Associate in Nursing unprecedented¬† crisis.

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