Popcorn (2016)

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Swami Bhageeranandha (Sudheer Karamana) and Joy (Bhagath Manuel) happen to meet up in a jungle. They squander their time in a wrecked construction during the dark hours. As they have nothing else to do both relates their life events to each other and this shapes the tale of the Malayalam movie POPCORN. Kinder (Shine Tom Chacko) comes in hunt of his love to Kerala from his hometown. He comes across Joy and they jointly try to track the ladylove. It so occurs t that Kinder has no other alternative but to earn money to win his love. He meets Sharon (Srinda Arhan) who is in pursuit of her absconding boyfriend. She consents to offer him wealth if he assists her to uncover the missing man. Milton (Soubin Shahir) who is Sharons cousin unites with them. The trio determines to journey to North India. They arrive at the rustic regions of Nasik. They confront with plenty of affairs there and then this guides to the climax of the movie.

Cast:Shine Tom Chacko,Srinda Ashab,Soubin Shahir,Bhagath Manuel
Director:Aneesh Upasana

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