Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole (2016) Kannada 720p Dvdrip

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This film rotates around two families, one of Krishne Gowda (Ananth Nag), a resigned foremost, and the other of Mr. Patil (Achyuth Kumar), a strict RTO officer. The story starts with the two companions Gowda and Patil getting back together in the same neighborhood after a crevice of around 15 years. In the interim adoration blooms between Khushi (Amulya), Gowda’s girl, and Sooraj (Suraj Gowda), Patil’s child. In spite of the fact that the families cheerfully acknowledge this partnership, a little issue in the middle of Gowda and Patil gets made a huge deal about and makes a crack between the families and in addition the darlings. Prior to the older folks understand their slip-up and attempt to right it, a considerable measure of things turn out badly without giving it much thought, making them irreversible later. A progression of genuine and clever endeavors take after, to set everything right. You need to watch the motion picture to know regardless of whether the beaus rejoin at last.

Director: Kaviraj

Writer: Kaviraj

Musician: V. Harikrishna

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