Ansh The Deadly Part (2002) Watch Online Full Hindi Movie Dvdrip

Ansh The Deadly Part watch online

Watch Ansh The Deadly Part Online Full Hindi Movie Free Download

 Director: Rajan Johri
Writers: Rajan Johri (dialogue), Rajan Johri
Stars: Om Puri, Ashutosh Rana, Abbas
Genres: Musical | Action

This story is about Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhagat Pandey (Om Puri), who is thorough, honest, and has an excellent track record of apprehending criminals. This background creates problems for him with other criminals who are closely connected to powerful politicians. As a result he is transferred to Bombay (now know as Mumbai). He takes charge of his post, and transforms everything to a diligent and honest policing machine. Unfortunately, politicians and criminals alike do not like his diligence, and talk about transferring him to Kashmir, where he will be killed in an encounter by a terrorist. Bhagat also comes in touch with suspended Police Inspector Sukhdev Singh, and gangleader, Rajnath Guru, the son of a freedom-fighter, Dinanathji (Aloknath). A truly moving movie depicting characters from India’s freedom struggle against the British, Raj Guru, Bhagat Singh, and Sukhdev Singh were the ones who fought for freedom again the British, in this kalyuga, the three Rajnath Guru,

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