A Country Christmas 2013 HD Online Stream

Plot: When a wealthy, disgruntled politician, Senator “Max Schmucker”, leads a global campaign to ban the myth of Santa Claus, the world joins his movement, causing Santa Claus to lose his magical powers. As Christmas approaches and “Santa” and his lead Elf, “Elliot”, are making their final rounds around the world, they get stranded in a small farming community. They’re stuck and living in a barn on the Logan Family Ranch, where they are soon discovered by “Miley”, and her older brother, “Zach”. The two children learn about Santa and Elliot’s predicament, and realize that Schmucker’s movement to ban the belief in Santa Claus is actually behind Santa losing his magical powers. Miley and Zach have to hide Santa and Elliot from their parents, “Joe” and “Renae”, while at the same time, attempt to help Santa Claus regain his magical powers before Christmas is lost.
A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS is a sweet, funny, holiday story about the belief in love, goodness and the spirit of Christmas.

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